George Frangoulis is the founder and CEO of Business Wise, business consulting                                                      and marketing agency, and Producer and Host of Good Morning, Belfast!                                                                    community TV show, as well as these podcasts.


                                                   For many years, George also launched and operated several entrepreneurial                                                             ventures in various industry sectors:     


     ARTS / ENTERTAINMENT (Fine Arts Gallery and Community Children's Theater);

     BUSINESS SERVICES (Business Consulting and Marketing); 

     CONSTRUCTION (Home Building and Repair);

     EDUCATION / BUSINESS (Online School for Entrepreneurs);

     EDUCATION / TRAVEL (Teacher and Student Study Abroad Programs to Europe);

     FOOD (Importing and Distributing Natural, Organic and Gourmet Food Items from Europe);       

     MEDIA / BROADCAST (Radio and Television Production);

     MEDIA / PRINT (Magazine, Newspaper and Book Publishing)

     MEDICAL (Diagnostic Ultrasound Instrumentation)

     SUBSCRIPTION (Children's Book and Record Clubs).

Importantly, George is a Certified SCORE Mentor and Top Gun Mentor; he has also been a long-time business advisor for many Midcoast Maine companies and organizations.

He has also spent 40 years working in higher education as a college professor of business management,  communications, publishing, broadcasting, marketing, advertising, sales, and public relations.


If you want to find out whether George can mentor you to help make your business better, he will gladly meet with you for an initial, no-obligation discussion.


So let's get started. Please contact George today! 

GJFrangoulis@gmail.com     (207) 557-5111

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